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  • Min.Order数量:500公斤
  • QC:HACCP,犹太,清真,ISO
  • 港口:上海,青岛,天津
  • 付款方式:L / C,d / A,d / P,T / T
  • HS编码:3506990000
  • CAS编号:71010-52-1
  • EINECS编号:232-658-1
  • MF:(C12H18O9)N
  • 规格:低酰基,高酰基
  • 包装:25kg /桶,10MT / 20GP”
  • 产品信息


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     产品名称  结冷胶
     规范  Low acyl, High acyl
     CAS号  71010-52-1
     EINECS号  232-658-1
     MF  (C12H18O9)N
     出现  白色至淡黄色
     年级  食品级
     重量  25kg /桶
     保质期  2年
     证明  Halal, Kosher, Iso, Haccp
     填料  万公斤



    项目 标准
    特性 灰白色,无味,自由流动的粉末
    内容 85-108%
    可溶性 易溶于水,形成粘稠的溶液
    钙离子测试 通过
    粒度 ≥95%通行证60目
    干燥失重 ≤15%
    PH值 5.5-7.5
    乙醇残留 ≤750mg/ kg的
    Gel strength (0.5% solution) ≥800g/ cm 2的
    总氮 ≤3%
    Transmittance (0.5% solution) ≥80%
    ≤2mg/ kg的
    ≤1mg/ kg的
    ≤2mg/ kg的
    ≤1mg/ kg的
    细菌总数 ≤10000cfu/克
    酵母和霉菌 ≤400cfu/克
    大肠杆菌 ≤30MPN/ 100克

    We are the best 结冷胶生产商 in China. For a considerable length of time microbial exopolysaccharides have been significant fixings in the sustenance business, and additionally having numerous appealing pharmaceutical and synthetic applications. Gellan gum is a relatively new gum explained by the Gram-negative bacterium Sphingomonas paucimobilis.Gellan gum (E418) is economically detailed by receiving vigorous submerged maturing of Sphingomonas elodea which is once alluded as Pseudomonas elodea. It is a bacterial exopolysaccharide or polymer with high sub-atomic weight. Its assembling strategy looks like to that of xanthan.  Despite the fact that its physico-concoction properties have been all around portrayed, the environment and physiology of Sphingomonas, and the variables affecting the aging procedure for generation of this gum have gotten considerably less consideration. This survey centers around the digestion and the enzymic action of this bacterium, and in addition the components that impact gellan generation, including process temperature, pH, blending rate, oxygen exchange, and organization of the creation medium. Potential techniques for enhancing the creation procedure are talked about with regards to forms for the generation of other microbial biopolymers, especially exopolysaccharides.

    Gellan gum is a polysaccharide fabricated by microbial maturation. Gellan gum is amazingly viable at low utilize levels and structures strong gels at fixations as low as 0.1%. This multi-practical gelling specialist can be utilized alone or in mix with different items to create a wide assortment of intriguing surfaces. Gellan gums are accessible in two sorts. Low acyl items shape hard, non-versatile, fragile gels. High acyl items shape delicate, extremely flexible, non-weak gels. Changing the proportions of the two types of gellan gum delivers a wide assortment of surfaces.  We are well recognized gellan gum manufacturer which is utilized fundamentally as a gelling operator, other option to agar. As nourishment added substance, gellan gum is utilized as a thickener, emulsifier, and stabilizer.



    Inhibit hot water swelling, reduce cross-section and reduce the role of muddy juice,
    2. Add to the production of biscuits in the dough, you can also play the level of improved biscuits, so that biscuits have a good role in the degree of Loose;
    3. Stabilizer Gellan gum AS A Cream ICE Applied to Improve The CAN Retention;
    4. the For Cake, Cheese Cake, with Moisturizing, and Preservation Preservation Effect;
    5. The the For Candy, The CAN give to Provide Product Structure and Superior Texture, And shorten the formation of starch candy colloidal time;
    6. Used to replace pectin to prepare jam and jelly, can also be used in pastry and fruit pie stuffing;
    7. In the processing of meat and vegetable products, the addition of gellan gum will make it a refreshing taste, to make up for the lack of good taste of the product.
    8. Gellan gum can be used with other hydrosols for gel pet food ;
    9. The With sucrose, sodium citrate, SLOW Dissolving acid (fatty acid, Adipic acid) Mixed INTO Dry Material’s, the Add Boiling Water,

    Made with a high degree of transparency of hot water dessert gel, with the population quick broken, Flavor release loose good features;
    10. Pectin can be used to make jam. It can also be combined with starch or partially substituted with starch, with pastry And fruit pies.





    The this Substance (Food additive E 418) WAS Created AS A Cheaper `substitute by gellan gum Manufacturer for Vegetable gum. The In The Process of Applying The Strange Qualities were Discovered, IT Opens up More Technological Possibilities, ESPECIALLY for Manufacturers of Confectionery and non-Alcoholic Beverages .


    结冷胶 - 固定的基本营养补充GOST 33310-2015的名称。 在食品添加剂的中国制造商的规定,往往被称为“蘑菇胶”。

    据了解,该补ê418是高度增稠剂和胶凝剂。 它的化学结构有资格作为一个生物聚合物。 该产品以两种方式,这会影响所获得的质量参数产生:



    尽管如此,结冷胶 - 是什么呢? 这种材料是白色(微黄色染料是允许的),以粉末形式制成,无臭无味。 在其组成它具有葡萄糖单体,葡糖醛酸。

    The food supplement perfectly soluble in cold and hot water, insoluble in organic liquids, its density is not determined. It is thermostable and resistant to pH modification level. The content of basic substances is not less than 85%.


    食物添加剂E 418在多层纸袋和电池锁缝与聚合物内衬被输送。 典型体积是25公斤。 ,储存远离热源,在干燥的地方。


    What is the use of gellan gum? It is known that the food industry is the basic consumption gelling agent E 418. The exclusivity of this food supplement is the ability to form both fragile and elastic structures. At low concentration (0.5%) creates a Substance resistant jellies, which positively affects the rationalization of production and the decrease in the cost price of the finished product.

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