Food Additives

Food Additives, Side Effects and Manufacturers

Although most of the foods and beverages that we consume are part, food additives are a concern for many consumers. We invite you to discover its advantages and possible side effects in this article.

What are Food Additives?

They are substances that have no nutritional value and that are added to foods and beverages to improve or facilitate their texturing, processing and / or preservation process.

Types of Additives

There are categories of additives for use in the food industry, among them we have:
• Flavors
• Colorants
• Preservatives
• Antioxidants
• Antiaplemazantes
• Acidulants
• Sweeteners
• Thickeners
• Derivatives of starch. They have starch as the basis for their elaboration.
• Flavors
• Ph Regulators
• Emulsifiers

Benefits of Food Additives by Food Additives Manufacturer

• Food slows down the growth of the safety of the safety of foodstuffs and extend their duration.
• In the case of meats, the nitrite with which they are cured prevent the growth of a bacterium that gives rise to a deadly toxin.
• It slows down the growth of the Thanks to Chemical Substances Mushroom Bread Called propionates.
• sorbates at The serve AS inhibitors of fungus in at The Cheese.
• Flavors and Dyes Improve the Appearance and at The Taste of Food.

Contraindications of the Additives

Although most food additives do not pose any problem for people, some of them may be sensitive to some of them:
• In some cases there is a possible relationship between food additives and the hyperactivity syndrome in children. But recent studies have concluded that such a relationship occurs only in a small proportion of children.
• In asthmatics, sulfites (E 220-228) can cause asthma.
• Some additives that contain gluten so they are incompatible for those suffering from celiac disease.
• Nitrates and Nitrites (E-249 to E-252) can be toxic when bound tohemoglobin and there is a risk of formation of nitrosamines (carcinogenic compounds).
• Other adverse effects of the consumption of preservatives are the irritation of the following mucosa, diarrhea, internal hemorrhages, or the increase of liver or kidney.
• The aspartame (low calorie sweetener) whichinclude aspartic acid and phenylalanine, is not tolerated by patients With phenylketonuria.