What are the advantages of using gellan gum?

Gellan gum is accessed in food items, which you have used regularly. There are plenty of gellan gum manufacturers supplying gellan gum all over the world for food and dairy industries. Gellan gum is the soluble fiber produced by the bacterium named as Sphingomonas elodea. Usually, these bacteria obtained from the glucose or lactose, which is an undigested carbohydrate.


Commonly, it is used to thicken foods including jams, sauces, and dairy products. This product comprises of glucuronic acid, glucose, and rhamnose. It is not only serving as the thickeners but also offer several health benefits.


Advantages of using gellan gum


Lowers blood sugar -
Are you suffering from any types of diabetes or high blood sugar? Well, you can take gallen gum because it is believed to treat a high level of sugar and keep the sugar level in your blood optimal.


Minimizes cholesterol levels –
The most important benefits of gellan gum is lowering cholesterol level. Therefore, it is highly suitable for those who are suffering from high cholesterol. As per the research, if you consume gellan gum, your cholesterol level will reduce up to 10percent.


Purgative –
Are you suffering from constipation? If yes, then you can consume gellan gum to get rid of that problem. Since gellan gum has the capability to act as the laxative with mild effect, it offers enough resistance from constipation problem. Apart from this, it also increases the stool.


Accessed in cuisine menu –
As mentioned already, gellan gum is used in food products because of its ability to produce the unique and thick texture. Apart from sauces and dairy products, you can also use this gum in the desserts.


Post time: Jan-14-2017