The sweet and acid role of food additives

In order to obtain food with good color and taste, food additives is indispensable. Acid and sweet additives are two very important flavors. Adding them to food can bring people a rich taste experience, play a role in increasing appetite, and have a certain antiseptic and fresh-keeping function.

In recent years, lactic acid has become one of the research hotspots. Lactic acid is mainly used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, feed and other fields. In the field of food, it can be used as a sour agent and bacteriostatic agent in beverages, dairy products, candy, bakery and other products. As a sour agent, it can make food slightly acidic without masking the natural flavor and aroma of fruits and vegetables.

DL-malic acid is used in the food industry as a sour agent, color retainer, preservative and an emulsion stabilizer for egg yolks, and is also used in pharmaceuticals. Widely used in jelly and other fruit-added foods, it helps food absorption and improves appetite. As an acidulant, it can be used instead of citric acid, and is often used as an acidulant, a preservative for soft drinks, cold foods, processed foods, and a color-retaining agent for fruit drinks.

AK sugar (acesulfame potassium) is a synthetic fourth-generation sweetener, about 130 times sweeter than sucrose. It has the characteristics of good taste, no heat, no metabolism, no accumulation in the body, and stable physical and chemical properties. Widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. In food, it is used in almost all sweet products such as beverages, confectionery, pastries, ice cream, jams, puddings, baked goods, table sweets and dairy products.

Stevia is a natural low-calorie sweetener. The calorific value of stevia is only 1/300 of that of sucrose. After ingesting it, it is not absorbed by the human body and does not generate heat. It is a sweetener suitable for patients with diabetes and obesity. When stevia is mixed with cane sugar or isomerized sugar, it can increase its sweetness and improve its taste. Can be used in candy, cakes, beverages, solid beverages, fried snacks, seasonings, candied fruit.

Post time: May-20-2022