Inventory of the top ten popular raw materials in 2021

This article will take stock of the hot functional ingredients in the world and some regions in 2021. Some of these raw materials have quickly became popular from obscurity in 2021; some have continued to grow rapidly and become a hit in the raw material industry in 2021.


1. Hyaluronic acid

Use: Oral beauty

Region: China

Hyaluronic acid is undoubtedly the most anticipated raw material in the Chinese market in 2021. A large number of hyaluronic acid food and beverages have emerged in China’s domestic market, which shows that capital and brands are optimistic about the market prospects of hyaluronic acid food. So far, more than 2,000 hyaluronic acid foods have been launched worldwide.

Although the cosmetic effect of oral hyaluronic acid is still questioned, hyaluronic acid will continue to be popular in recent years as an important raw material for oral beauty food. It is expected that the global hyaluronic acid raw material market will grow to 1,150 tons in 2024 in the next five years.



Use: sleep aid

Region: Global

Affected by the epidemic and the growing work pressure in modern society, emotional sleep health has become one of the main health problems for consumers.

GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. It has many effects such as lowering blood pressure, anti-anxiety, relieving fatigue, and improving sleep. Its food safety has been extensively verified. At present, GABA is mostly used in the sleep market. According to the survey of insomnia patients, the GABA secretion value of a considerable number of patients is lower than the normal level, and the symptoms are improved after exogenous supplementation of GABA.


3. Cermai

Use: Digestive Health

Region: India, China

Oil mandarin is also known as amla or Indian gooseberry. The fresh emblica is sweet and sour, crispy, slightly astringent, and has a sweet aftertaste.

Emblica has a high vitamin C content, which can help cells reduce free radical damage and help slow down the body’s natural aging process. Its extract can reduce the formation and deposition of melanin, promote collagen synthesis, inhibit the damage of tyrosinase to the skin, have a certain whitening effect, and lighten and improve pigmentation. Oral cosmetic treatment may be the potential application direction of Emblica.


4. Allulose

Use: sugar substitute

Region: United States

Allulose has become a new star in the global sugar replacement field. In 2021, allulose is fast becoming a regular on the ingredient list of new products in US food and beverage companies.

Allulose is about 70% sweeter than sucrose, but has only one-tenth the calories. It has a sweet taste very similar to sucrose and has a Maillard reaction, making it an ideal sugar substitute. It is also a health care ingredient. Allulose inhibits the metabolism of starch and disaccharides in the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, allulose has a weight loss effect by releasing GLP-1, which can lead to decreased appetite. Allulose also suppresses blood sugar spikes, increases insulin sensitivity, and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.


5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Use: to lose weight

Region: United States

Apple cider vinegar is made from apple juice, which is first fermented into high-purity cider, and then connected to acetic acid bacteria for secondary fermentation to metabolize alcohol into acetic acid. Apple cider vinegar is rich in vitamin C, minerals (magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, potassium), eight amino acids and antioxidants that the human body cannot synthesize by itself. It is a healthy drink. Its main function is to aid digestion, help lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol, etc.


6. Elderberry

Use: Improve immunity

Region: Europe and America

Elderberry extract is rich in nutrients and has the effect of improving immunity. Elderberries can also be used as a botanical to help relieve cold and flu symptoms. It can reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu and may be a safe option for preventing viral respiratory illnesses.


7. Super Mushroom

Uses: Brain Health, Adaptogens

Region: United States

In the functional food and beverage category, the sales of products containing super mushroom ingredients will grow the fastest in 2021, with an annual growth rate of 17.6%. Mushrooms are popular with consumers for their immune-boosting, adaptogen and brain health benefits. Functional products containing mushroom ingredients are constantly being launched on the market.


8. Ashwagandha

Use: Adaptogen

Regions: Europe, America, India

Ashwagandha has become the product with the highest growth rate among functional ingredients, with a growth rate of 165.5%.

Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb commonly used to relieve stress, aid sleep and boost immunity, is in line with consumer demand during the pandemic. In addition, it has positive effects on anti-aging, balance endocrine, cardiorespiratory and central nervous system health.


9. Plasma Lactobacillus

Use: Improve immunity

Region: Japan

Plasma Lactobacillus is a type of lactic acid bacteria whose most important role is to support and maintain the immune system of healthy individuals by stimulating pDC (plasmacytoid dendritic cells).

In 2021, more Plasma Lactobacillus-related products will be launched, becoming the hottest ingredient in the Japanese immune health category.


10. Black Ginger Extract

Uses: weight loss, bone and joint health

Region: Japan

The active ingredient of black ginger extract is polymethoxyflavone. It can accelerate metabolism and blood circulation, and play a role in weight loss. At the same time, it has the effect of maintaining the walking ability of the middle-aged and elderly people, which decreases due to age.

In 2021, the black ginger extract market will usher in a new peak. Functional foods containing this ingredient were approved throughout the year, ranking first in quantity.


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Post time: Jan-15-2022