Gellan Gum Structure & Excellent Transparency

Gellan Gum is used to process with the all high and low gum respectively. When we are processing the all applied in the sodium alginate, agar, gelatine and lots of powder with prepared by the Gellan. Our professional team expert’s gums help to produce the all from brittleness to elasticity is not dissolved in the summer good shrink resistance. However, it is also low consumption and convenient in processing.

We have to require the all adjustment of pH and high concentration of sugar as well as cannot be used to for manufacture of low solid contents products. There are many causes from all problems relating to storage with the gellan gum provides stability during processing and also used to more use of only a small amount of all results in gels with excellent taste and appearance. In addition, The Gellan Gum to Air freshener gels is transparent with high melting temperature should high levels of fragrance.

It also enables the freshener gels of crystal clarity to be formulated. Moreover, we can create all suitable for use in hot environments. In addition, the Gellan gum can be used to all microbiological media with all ideal medium for plant tissue cultivation. In addition, it is also used for more gels are prolonged incubations at high temperatures with acceptable gel strengths can using gellan gum at a lower level using the more spreader colonies do not become too large.

Unique Structure:

Gellan gum is the ultimate polysaccharide that is produced by the fermentation of Sphingomonas elodea. In need, the best and unique for gellan gum is always at the state of minimal viscosity. Of course, gellan gum can able to more functions with include fluid of gel with getting the best structure of gels exhibits from hassle-free manner. We can develop to access with more functions with best at suspending particulate and more exerted by the action of particular suspension will remain stable. Most importantly, we can provide the best properties of gellan gum fluid gels are fixed with the temperature of more structure and thermal stability. In addition, we can provide the normal factor depends on more concentration with the different types of gellan gums and also the concentration of gelling ions

Post time: Mar-19-2019