Are preservative zero added foods healthier? Authoritative expert: No!

Food with added preservatives or pure natural food, which is safer? Many believe it is the latter, but experts say such judgments are actually biased.


1. Is adding preservatives unsafe? wrong! In fact, for safety

“Foods with added preservatives will definitely damage health.” Some 85% of the reporters gave such an answer through interviews. But in fact, the combination of preservatives and food is to satisfy people’s greed for the long-term preservation of food and the taste, appearance, nutrition and safety . ​​

Common sense tells us that food without preservation will spoil after a long time, and the culprit is the microorganisms that are ubiquitous in the environment and food. Although these normally slow-growing microorganisms live in peace with people, when the right time comes, they will multiply and produce a series of toxic substances. After eating this spoiled food, people will have diarrhea, vomiting and even poisoning.To solve the threat of microorganisms to food, in addition to thermal sterilization technology, preservatives are often used.


2. Preservatives themselves cause disease? wrong! No problem for legal use

Many preservatives exist naturally, but due to factors such as extraction costs, humans have to use chemical synthesis methods to obtain them in batches.

In order to stand out among countless substances with antiseptic effect and become an approved “legal preservative”, it must have four characteristics: first, it is stable in nature and effective for a certain period of time; It is non-toxic after decomposition, does not hinder the normal function of gastrointestinal enzymes, and does not affect the activity of normal intestinal flora; moreover, it has bacteriostatic or bactericidal effects at lower concentrations; finally, it is required to have no irritating odor and odor, etc. ​​

The selected preservative is still often misunderstood, and this “grievance” is more often because of its abuse and misuse. In order to cover up defects such as stale raw materials and outdated sterilization equipment, some unscrupulous producers will add preservatives beyond the scope or excessively.


3. Is it safe to have no preservatives? wrong! Zero addition is not necessarily healthier

When many foods suggest “quality assurance” to consumers, they like to put on the label of “zero added preservatives”. According to the survey, about 90% of people expressed a favorable opinion of such hints and assurances.

Although these products without preservatives have their own aura of “non-deterioration”, the situation is actually different:

●The environment with high sugar, high salt and water shortage is not suitable for microorganisms to survive.

●Some foods have been occupied by “good microbes” and “bad microbes” cannot get in.

●The food has been sterilized.

Therefore, “preservative free” should not be a reason for people to buy a certain product in the first place. When consumers buy food, they still need to treat it scientifically and identify it rationally, and don’t be superstitious about the so-called “zero-addition”.

Post time: May-09-2022