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  • Pengental Pengawet Acidulants

    Pengental Pengawet Acidulants

    Xanthan Gum, Kalium Benzoat, Asam sitrat monohidrat ...
  • Pemanis Antioksidan Fosfat

    Pemanis Antioksidan Fosfat

    Aspartam, asam askorbat, Kalium sitrat, Sucralose, STPP, SAPP, TSPP ...
  • Perasa Protein Emulsifiers

    Perasa Protein Emulsifiers

    MSG Monosodium Glutamat, Ethyl maltol, Vital gluten gandum ...

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Tentang kami

Justchem is a professional supplier of food additives and ingredients. Our manufacturer is located in Fujian province. At present Justchem Company has became one of the main worldwide suppliers of food additives and ingredients, we will offer better service for food additives as well as to expand overseas markets.

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